César Olea

Software Developer | CTO of LoanPro

10 Nov 2020

Free Your Brain, Free Yourself and Become a Better Professional

> TL;DR for my org-roam configuration, jump to [Setting up a Zettelkasten in Emacs](#setting-up-a-zettelkasten-in-emacs...
02 Oct 2020

DNS Crash Course

DNS is an integral part of the Internet and a very important application layer protocol. Still, developers building Web...
28 Sep 2020

Literate Emacs Configuration

I've migrated my Emacs configuration to use a literate programming style, after several unsuccessful attempts at better...
28 Sep 2020

Raycasting Demo

I'm a fan of [[https://fabiensanglard.net][Fabien Sanglard's work]], and after reading his Wolfenstein 3D book I felt i...
24 Sep 2020

ClojureScript Setup Made Easier With Anvil

Some time ago [I wrote a series posts](https://blog.devz.mx/clojurescript-sin-atajos-fase-1/) in the [devz.mx](https://...