César Olea

Software Developer | CTO of LoanPro

16 Mar 2021

HTML signatures with mu4e and Gmail

For a long time I've been searching for an email client that would fit my workflow. During my macOS days I was a happy ...
11 Mar 2021

Native compilation and "pure" GTK in Emacs

There's some very exciting developments in the Emacs world: native compilation of elisp and a "pure" GTK frontend for E...
12 Jan 2021

Writing AWS lambdas with ClojureScript

## Rationale {#rationale} When I created [the anvil template](https://github.com/cesarolea/anvil-lein-template), I did...
10 Nov 2020

Free Your Brain, Free Yourself and Become a Better Professional

> TL;DR for my org-roam configuration, jump to [Setting up a Zettelkasten in Emacs](#setting-up-a-zettelkasten-in-emacs...
02 Oct 2020

DNS Crash Course

DNS is an integral part of the Internet and a very important application layer protocol. Still, developers building Web...