César Olea

Software Developer | CTO of LoanPro

19 Aug 2023

AWS lambdas with shadow-cljs

A while back [I wrote about writing AWS lambdas with ClojureScript]({{< relref "/posts/aws-lambdas-with-clojurescript.m...
23 Jan 2023

My ideal desktop setup for remote work

I've been working remotely for more than a decade now. In that time I've gone through vastly different setups, arriving...
08 Feb 2022

Super Happy Dev House 2009

A blast from the past. My co-worker, ex-co-blogger and all time excellent friend [[https://axelvaldez.mx/][Axel Valdez]...
11 Jan 2022

Emacs locale

Multi-language computing has many challenges. During my day to day activities I constantly switch between English and S...
20 Dec 2021

Expreso Live - Economía para todos

[[https://www.expreso.com.mx/][Expreso]] is a regional newspaper and they invited me and other colleagues to participat...