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Rockofonia was a podcast centered around Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. It spanned two seasons with more than 200 episodes, and for a little while it even was syndicated in the BC México area. Episodes either feature Tony GM or myself as DJ.

Now in Spanish

Rockofonia era un podcast de Hard Rock y Heavy Metal. Logró más de 200 episodios, y por un tiempo incluso fue sindicado en el area de BC México.

List of Episodes

Episodes should be in chronological order for the most part.


Download: rockofonia-piloto.mp3

Episode 0

Download: itbounce.mp3

Episode 1

Download: itbounce-1.mp3

Episode 3

Download: itbounce-3.mp3

Episode 4

Download: itbounce-4.mp3

Episode 5

Download: itbounce-5.mp3

Episode 8

Download: itbounce-8.mp3

Episode 11

Download: itbounce-11.mp3

Episode 13

Download: itbounce-13.mp3

Episode 20

Download: itbounce-20.mp3

Episode 27

Download: itbounce-27.mp3

Episode 33

Download: itbounce-33.mp3

Episode 38

Download: itbounce-38.mp3

Episode 44

Download: itbounce-44.mp3

Episode 49

Download: itbounce-49.mp3

Episode 60

Download: itbounce-60.mp3

Episode 68

Download: itbounce-68.mp3

Episode 80

Download: itbounce-80.mp3

Episode 102

Download: itbounce-102.mp3

Episode 106

Download: itbounce-106.mp3

Episode 116

Download: itbounce-116.mp3

Episode 122

Download: itbounce-122.mp3

Episode 126

Download: itbounce-126.mp3

Episode 141

Download: itbounce-141.mp3

Episode 144

Download: itbounce-144.mp3

Episode 155

Download: itbounce-155.mp3

Episode 159

Download: itbounce-159.mp3

Episode 171

Download: itbounce-171.mp3

Episode 179

Download: itbounce-179.mp3

Episode 194

Download: itbounce-194.mp3

Episode 219

Download: itbounce-219.mp3

Episode 226

Download: itbounce-226.mp3

Episode 244

Download: itbounce-244.mp3

Episode 272

Download: itbounce-272.mp3

Episode 274

Download: itbounce-274.mp3

Episode 287

Download: itbounce-287.mp3

Episode 305

Download: itbounce-305.mp3

Episode 321

Download: itbounce-321.mp3

Episode 341

Download: itbounce-341.mp3

Episode 350

Download: itbounce-350.mp3

Episode 370

Download: itbounce-370.mp3

Episode 394

Download: itbounce-394.mp3

Episode 435

Download: itbounce-435.mp3

Episode 456

Download: itbounce-456.mp3

Episode 481

Download: itbounce-481.mp3

Episode 506

Download: itbounce-506.mp3

Episode 519

Download: itbounce-519.mp3

Episode 534

Download: itbounce-534.mp3

Episode 565

Download: itbounce-565.mp3

Episode 579

Download: itbounce-579.mp3

Episode 596

Download: itbounce-596.mp3

Episode 621

Download: itbounce-621.mp3

Episode 654

Download: itbounce-654.mp3

Episode 693

Download: itbounce-693.mp3

Episode 711

Download: itbounce-711.mp3

Episode 712

Download: itbounce-712.mp3

Episode 760

Download: itbounce-760.mp3

Episode 784

Download: itbounce-784.mp3

Episode 814

Download: itbounce-814.mp3

Episode 834

Download: itbounce-834.mp3

Episode 887

Download: itbounce-887.mp3

Episode 916

Download: itbounce-916.mp3

Episode 976

Download: itbounce-976.mp3

Episode 980

Download: itbounce-980.mp3

Episode 1042

Download: itbounce-1042.mp3

Episode 1066

Download: itbounce-1066.mp3

Episode 1097

Download: itbounce-1097.mp3

Episode 1122

Download: itbounce-1122.mp3

Episode 1156

Download: itbounce-1156.mp3

Episode 1195

Download: itbounce-1195.mp3

Episode 1226

Download: itbounce-1226.mp3

Episode 1249

Download: itbounce-1249.mp3

Episode rockofonia009

Download: rockofonia009.mp3

Episode rockofonia073

Download: rockofonia073.mp3

Episode rockofonia074

Download: rockofonia074.mp3

Episode rockofonia075

Download: rockofonia075.mp3

Episode rockofonia076

Download: rockofonia076.mp3

Episode rockofonia077

Download: rockofonia077.mp3

Episode rockofonia078

Download: rockofonia078.mp3

Episode rockofonia079

Download: rockofonia079.mp3

Episode rockofonia080

Download: rockofonia080.mp3

Episode rockofonia081

Download: rockofonia081.mp3

Episode rockofonia082

Download: rockofonia082.mp3

Episode rockofonia083

Download: rockofonia083.mp3

Episode rockofonia084

Download: rockofonia084.mp3

Episode rockofonia085

Download: rockofonia085.mp3

Episode rockofonia086

Download: rockofonia086.mp3

Episode rockofonia087

Download: rockofonia087.mp3

Episode rockofonia088

Download: rockofonia088.mp3

Episode rockofonia089

Download: rockofonia089.mp3

Episode rockofonia090

Download: rockofonia090.mp3

Episode rockofonia091

Download: rockofonia091.mp3

Episode rockofonia092

Download: rockofonia092.mp3

Episode rockofonia093

Download: rockofonia093.mp3

Episode rockofonia094

Download: rockofonia094.mp3

Episode rockofonia095

Download: rockofonia095.mp3

Episode rockofonia096

Download: rockofonia096.mp3

Episode rockofonia097

Download: rockofonia097.mp3

Episode rockofonia098

Download: rockofonia098.mp3

Episode rockofonia099

Download: rockofonia099.mp3

Episode rockofonia100

Download: rockofonia100.mp3

Episode rockofonia101

Download: rockofonia101.mp3

Episode rockofonia102

Download: rockofonia102.mp3

Episode rockofonia103

Download: rockofonia103.mp3

Episode rockofonia104

Download: rockofonia104.mp3

Episode rockofonia105

Download: rockofonia105.mp3

Episode rockofonia106

Download: rockofonia106.mp3

Episode rockofonia107

Download: rockofonia107.mp3

Episode rockofonia108

Download: rockofonia108.mp3

Episode rockofonia109

Download: rockofonia109.mp3

Episode rockofonia110

Download: rockofonia110.mp3

Episode rockofonia111

Download: rockofonia111.mp3

Episode rockofonia112

Download: rockofonia112.mp3

Episode rockofonia113

Download: rockofonia113.mp3

Episode rockofonia114

Download: rockofonia114.mp3

Episode rockofonia115

Download: rockofonia115.mp3

Episode rockofonia116

Download: rockofonia116.mp3

Episode rockofonia117

Download: rockofonia117.mp3

Episode rockofonia118

Download: rockofonia118.mp3

Episode rockofonia119

Download: rockofonia119.mp3

Episode rockofonia120

Download: rockofonia120.mp3

Episode rockofonia121

Download: rockofonia121.mp3

Episode rockofonia122

Download: rockofonia122.mp3

Episode rockofonia123

Download: rockofonia123.mp3

Episode Rockofonia124

Download: Rockofonia124.mp3

Episode rockofonia125

Download: rockofonia125.mp3

Episode rockofonia126

Download: rockofonia126.mp3

Episode rockofonia127

Download: rockofonia127.mp3

Episode Rockofonia128

Download: Rockofonia128.mp3

Episode rockofonia129

Download: rockofonia129.mp3

Episode rockofonia130

Download: rockofonia130.mp3

Episode rockofonia131

Download: rockofonia131.mp3

Episode rockofonia132

Download: rockofonia132.mp3

Episode rockofonia133

Download: rockofonia133.mp3

Episode rockofonia134

Download: rockofonia134.mp3

Episode rockofonia135

Download: rockofonia135.mp3

Episode rockofonia136

Download: rockofonia136.mp3

Episode rockofonia137

Download: rockofonia137.mp3

Episode rockofonia138

Download: rockofonia138.mp3

Episode rockofonia139

Download: rockofonia139.mp3

Episode rockofonia140

Download: rockofonia140.mp3

Episode rockofonia141

Download: rockofonia141.mp3

Episode rockofonia142

Download: rockofonia142.mp3

Episode rockofonia143

Download: rockofonia143.mp3

Episode rockofonia144

Download: rockofonia144.mp3

Episode rockofonia145

Download: rockofonia145.mp3

Episode rockofonia146

Download: rockofonia146.mp3

Episode rockofonia147

Download: rockofonia147.mp3

Episode rockofonia148

Download: rockofonia148.mp3

Episode rockofonia149

Download: rockofonia149.mp3

Episode rockofonia150

Download: rockofonia150.mp3

Episode rockofonia151

Download: rockofonia151.mp3

Episode rockofonia152

Download: rockofonia152.mp3

Episode rockofonia153

Download: rockofonia153.mp3

Episode rockofonia154

Download: rockofonia154.mp3

Episode rockofonia155

Download: rockofonia155.mp3

Episode rockofonia156

Download: rockofonia156.mp3

Episode rockofonia157

Download: rockofonia157.mp3

Episode rockofonia158

Download: rockofonia158.mp3

Episode rockofonia159

Download: rockofonia159.mp3

Episode rockofonia160

Download: rockofonia160.mp3

Episode rockofonia161

Download: rockofonia161.mp3

Episode rockofonia162

Download: rockofonia162.mp3

Episode rockofonia163

Download: rockofonia163.mp3

Episode rockofonia164

Download: rockofonia164.mp3

Episode rockofonia165

Download: rockofonia165.mp3

Episode rockofonia166

Download: rockofonia166.mp3

Episode rockofonia167

Download: rockofonia167.mp3

Episode rockofonia168

Download: rockofonia168.mp3

Episode rockofonia169

Download: rockofonia169.mp3

Episode rockofonia170

Download: rockofonia170.mp3

Episode rockofonia171

Download: rockofonia171.mp3

Episode rockofonia172

Download: rockofonia172.mp3

Episode rockofonia173

Download: rockofonia173.mp3

Episode rockofonia174

Download: rockofonia174.mp3

Episode rockofonia175

Download: rockofonia175.mp3

Episode rockofonia176

Download: rockofonia176.mp3

Episode rockofonia177

Download: rockofonia177.mp3

Episode rockofonia178

Download: rockofonia178.mp3

Episode rockofonia180

Download: rockofonia180.mp3

Episode rockofonia181

Download: rockofonia181.mp3

Episode rockofonia182

Download: rockofonia182.mp3

Episode rockofonia183

Download: rockofonia183.mp3

Episode rockofonia184

Download: rockofonia184.mp3

Episode rockofonia185

Download: rockofonia185.mp3

Episode rockofonia186

Download: rockofonia186.mp3

Season 1 final episode

Download: rockofonia-final.mp3

Episode rockofonia200

Download: rockofonia200.mp3

Episode rockofonia201

Download: rockofonia201.mp3

Episode rockofonia202

Download: rockofonia202.mp3

Episode rockofonia203

Download: rockofonia203.mp3

Episode rockofonia204

Download: rockofonia204.mp3

Episode rockofonia205

Download: rockofonia205.mp3

Episode rockofonia206

Download: rockofonia206.mp3

Episode rockofonia207

Download: rockofonia207.mp3

Episode rockofonia208

Download: rockofonia208.mp3

Episode rockofonia209

Download: rockofonia209.mp3

Episode rockofonia210

Download: rockofonia210.mp3

Episode rockofonia211

Download: rockofonia211.mp3

Episode rockofonia212

Download: rockofonia212.mp3

Episode rockofonia213

Download: rockofonia213.mp3

Episode rockofonia214

Download: rockofonia214.mp3

Episode rockofonia215

Download: rockofonia215.mp3

Episode rockofonia216

Download: rockofonia216.mp3

Episode rockofonia217

Download: rockofonia217.mp3

Episode rockofonia218

Download: rockofonia218.mp3

Episode rockofonia219

Download: rockofonia219.mp3

Episode rockofonia220

Download: rockofonia220.mp3

Episode rockofonia221

Download: rockofonia221.mp3

Episode rockofonia222

Download: rockofonia222.mp3

Episode rockofonia223

Download: rockofonia223.mp3

Episode rockofonia224

Download: rockofonia224.mp3