César Olea

Software Developer | CTO of LoanPro

08 Feb 2022

Super Happy Dev House 2009

A blast from the past. My co-worker, ex-co-blogger and all time excellent friend Axel Valdez shared with me this video recorded at the Super Happy Dev House event in Ciudad Obregón, México 2009. Apparently it was recorded with potatoes also used to power a TI-89 to run Doom. The video is in Spanish, and I demo my program "Everlasting Flame" named for the namesake track in Kreator's 1999 Endorama.

Everlasting Flame was a Blackberry dialer that would hang-up and re-dial automatically after a set period of time, notifying both parties using DTMF tones. I coded it to talk to my wife (then girlfriend) so in that sense it was a complete success. Mobile plans back then were very different, and you could avoid paying for extra minutes as long as you kept your calls under 5 minutes.

The program was open source. Then a closed-source version was developed and sold, and I regretted it ever since.