César Olea

Software Developer | CTO of LoanPro

28 Sep 2020

Literate Emacs Configuration

I’ve migrated my Emacs configuration to use a literate programming style, after several unsuccessful attempts at better organization, and going through many Emacs configuration bankruptcies.

The big plus is obviously that the configuration file itself is in an Org file. But another big plus is that Gihub renders the file directly in the repository. It makes it easier for me to document all my settings, but also people can pick and choose pieces of my configuration straight from the Github page.

One (maybe dealbreaker) caveat is that Emacs will take longer to start. That is because instead of just interpreting the configuration file, it now has to untangle the Org file first, build the final configuration file and then execute it. Since I use Emacs as a daemon it doesn’t matter (it is only started once, at system startup) but if you use Emacs as a traditional application then I would recommend to untangle the file manually, and doing so every time you add a new section to the Org configuration.

My configuration can be found in my Github repository.